Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

So one of my best friends from high school got married yesterday. It was so good to see her, and see how happy she was. That makes more than half of us married; WOW!! This summer is going to be an interesting one when I come home. Both Jess' are married, Kylie is married, and Amy is going to be on here mission. Let's hope I can find some kind of social life. ANYWAYS, I am so happy for Kylie! I was reading through my journal of all our fun time, and it makes me so glad I have such great memories!

Before the reception the girls all went out to Olive Garden for a fun girls night out!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Park City-Temple Square

To celebrate the end of the semester my roommate and I got some friends together for a fun get away to park city!!
We started the trip by going to temple square, and enjoying the lights! We spent the weekend eating great food, talking till early hours of the morning, playing in the snow, shopping, and tons more. For my lack of desire to give too many details, I'm not. The pictures will give a good enough idea :)... Oh we did play smear the queer. That is a really fun game. The boys had no mercy tackling us because of the snow. I am still sore and it's four days later. SO much fun!

On Monday I went to temple square we went to temple square with a small part of the family. It was a wonderful weekend!

This is by far my favorite picture of the two trips to temple square!! :)
I love the temple!

This is a picture of the gang! I am actually taking this picture...There is Me, Melissa, Brant, PJ James, Janae, and Brad down below. I didn't really know these guys before we went on our trip but I had so much fun with all of them. It was kinda sad cause PJ has a girl, Brant might have one (which is the saddest). Anyways! I had a blast!

Kenny and Jamile!

The Couples!

Because I am not a couple yet I was repeatedly left out. So, Dad told me he would take a picture with me. So, I got a picture with Kenny and Dad! That really did help me feel better about being the single one. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Highlight of Fall Semester

The semester is over in 3 days!! Three more finals and I will be half way done with my third year of college. This semester has seriously flown by! It really has been so much fun and overall a wonderful fall...since my last posts here are a few highlights!~

Game nights at my apartment are always fun! This game is a winner~!

Aggie basketball games are probably the funnest thing we have here. This particular game was against BYU. We kicked their trash! People seriously camped out overnight to guarantee good seats. The spectrum was packed (they had to turn away a TON of people). So the energy in their was AMAZING. I have never been to such a fun game.

I started cutting my friends hair. You can't tell but I did a really good job. I was scared to death to have them trust me, but Chris had me come back and cut it for a second time. That's a good sign I would say.

This was the last football game of the season. It was freezing cold, we did terrible, the broncos cheered louder than we did, and lexi and I left at half time cause we were freezing.

Halloween was a lot of fun! Me and Lexi!

One of the shifts of people that came to our party. My roommates and I decided we would throw our own party because we didn't want to go to the one put on by the school. It turned out great. We had a ton of people come. (there are more pictures but these are just the highlights)

The main girls at the party.

I was a fish. I know you can't really tell, but this is my fin on top of my head!

I love this picture!

I have been getting all crafty lately. I painted this chair (it's a cute dark pink now, not this creepy half painted one) for my photography stuff. I need a fun chair! AND thanks to photoshop I can change the color accordingly if necessary

I also finally got some decorations up on the walls. I got some cool frames, painted them all accordingly, and now they look great in the family room!

So, there are a few little updates. Nothing real detailed, but I will hopefully post more frequently next semster and I can give better details of my life here in Logan!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kyle and Cheli's Engagements

Hey go to my photography blog and check out Kyle and chelsi's engagements :) Just click on the picuture.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

photo shoot of me

So, I couldn't wait any longer to get my hair cut. It was driving me crazy! So, while I was taking some mission pictures for Amy, she took a few of me with the new do. So here ya go!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I went to Homecoming this year, and had an absolute blast! I went with my good friend Brad. I met him at the beginning of last year and I have worked with him since then. We went as friends and nothing more. So, there is nothing to report there.

Okay, so he picked me up at my apartment, and we hurried over to the bluebird where we had dinner with 4 other couples. I didn't really know anyone there so we just talked the whole time. So, dinner was enjoyable. It was funny though cause the waiter was extra friendly to just me. He was nice to everyone but he kept complimenting me on my dress, along with other funny comments. he he

After dinner we went to the dance which was half stag, half couples. It was kind of weird. What you were supposed to do was dress up in a certain decade and come. So, about half the people were dressed up nice and the other half weren't. It was weird! To go along with the theme, "Here There and Everywhere. Once an Aggie, always an Aggie," they had different kinds of music in different parts of the TSC. They had a big band swing room, country western room, futuristic room, and 80's 90's and now room. So it was fun going to different places. Anyways, as you all know I am a terrible dancer but I still had a ton of fun. I am very glad Brad was my date cause I didn't feel so stupid!

So, after we were done dancing the boys (just two now) had planned a little surprise activity for us. They gave us a riddle, and we had to go find that spot to get the next clue. After going to several different places around campus we made it to our final destination. We didn't find another clue, but over under some trees on the grass there was a table set up with some chairs. They had brownies, ice cream and candles all set up! There was no one on this part of campus. So, it was a lot of fun having a little adventure. The boys were great!

After our dessert, the other couple decided to head over to true aggie night, and Brad brought me home. It was a great night!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stitches, Crazy Amigos, Cinnamon Rolls, Photography, and True Aggie

Check out I have added TONS of new posts!- I have two more weddings lined up! Woohoo

So, I think my life is pretty boring but then when I think about it I realize I have had a lot going on. Last Friday I spent the night with my crazy friends. Brad, Amy, Lexi, and Melissa. We watched the three amigos, and had Vanilla Creams.

By the end of the night Melissa and I bailed, and headed up to True Aggie Night. My intent for going was to support Melissa in becoming a true aggie. Before we left I made it clear that I was NOT going to kiss anyone there. As we were standing up by the “A” Melissa, and her best friend (and kiss) were trying to tell me that I should just go up with someone. I didn't want to go find some random person to kiss. Well as I was arguing my point a cute boy walked by and asked me if I needed to go up there. “Uh...” Both Melissa and Anthony said yes. The cute boy grabbed my hand, and guided to me to the “A”. Yes, I became a True Aggie, and I did find out his name was Jessie. Yeah...

Saturday was a great girls night. We went and had dessert at Ruby Tuesday, and did face masks.

Monday I made my roommates dinner and made my very first batch of cinnamon rolls. They actually turned out really well. The pan was gone really fast. I invited two boys, which led to a total of 6 boys and 4 girls. It was a ton of fun.

Now for my exciting story to the hospital.

I woke up Thursday morning and kept reminding myself that it was going to be a good day! I took my test, stayed happy, and headed to work. When I arrived at work I realized we were short staffed and I was working solo in sweet streets. So as I was cutting some pineapple with a dull knife the knife slid of the fruit inserting itself into the side of my knuckle. Ah crap! I grabbed a paper towel and headed to the back kitchen. As I was trying to stop the bleeding several of my managers and head boss came to take a look.

Through out this whole mess I started feeling really queasy and light headed. So I sat down while I filled out some paper work, and it was decided I need to go to the hospital to get a tetanus shot. After getting some food in my stomach we headed to the hospital. After getting my shot the doctor came in to examine my finger. He decided that it would be best to give me stitches and let me leave.

He gave me three shots in my finger which hurt like dickens (I am not sure what the dickens feel like but it still really hurt). Which was followed by four stitches in my knuckle. It didn't really start hurting till last night when the numbing wore off, but since then it has been pretty painful. Oh well I'll live.

So, I have now had stitches! :0

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twenty Years Old!!

Woohoo I am no longer a teenager!! I had a wonderful time celebrating this. The Saturday before my birthday I got together with some friends from home and had a little get together. The combination of people there was kinda weird, but I had a great time spending time with my girls and other friends as well!

On my birthday I went shopping with Mom!! That was a blast; I haven't been shopping with mom in, I don't know how long. We went to the mall, and I showed her the ring I want when I get married some day, found some awesome jewelry, and I tried on a wedding dress that is absolutely amazing. (store people don't question whether you are getting married or not when you bring your mom along) We also went to the eye doctor, and learned that my eye is fine; I just need to exercise it more.

Because I wasn't in Logan for my birthday I didn't get to celebrate with my friends up here. I wasn't planning on doing anything though. I would have felt awkward throwing myself a party to celebrate me. So, I was going to just not do anything. Well my roommate melissa didnt' like that idea and threw a party for me. I was kinda nervous at first because I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. But, I had a blast. We had cake and ice cream, played night games, had a music video dance party, and watched a movie. We had about 17 people there, and they all meshed well. So, it was a blast! Melissa was a sweetheart for doing this for me. I love her to pieces and am so glad I am living with her again.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fiesta Days

My first digital scrapbook page. It's pretty basic but I am learning! * note I took the pictures of the fireworks in the background.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009


What's a trip to Seattle if you don't come back looking different!
Thanks again Jenny- Much healthier!