Thursday, May 7, 2009


I am finally done with my 2nd year of college! Hooray!
Finishing up my second year of college, and seeing one of my very best friends getting married (making two married) makes me look at my life and wonder what the heck I am doing with it. I know what I ultimately want in the end, but what about everything else. I am not worried about what will happen, but it does make me look at my life now, and think about what I am doing with it.

I am currently looking for a house/basement to rent for next school year. It is a ton cheaper and that sounds great to me. If I find somewhere cheap enough, Melissa will move with me. Melissa is one of my very very best friends up here at school. We are going to be living together again for this summer!

Jess got married this last Saturday! It was a crazy weekend, but totally worth being involved for so much of it! I only cried a few times too! I have been best friends with Jess for a really long time, and I have never seen her so happy. I am excited for her! She deserves it.

Oh and, Casey is still as great as ever. We do something every day, even if it is just to hang out or do errands. I love it all! We are heading down to Provo tomorrow to pick up a book for his mom, and conveniently he gets to meet some of the family.