Friday, December 7, 2007

Decorating for the Holidays!

Decorating for the holiday is one of the best events of the year. About a week ago my roommate Kayla and I decided to make our apartment sparkle with the Christmas spirit. We sang our hearts out as we put up random little decorations. The most glamorous part of the decorations were the lights. We lined the ceiling with fun Christmas lights and did a border of lights around the doors. It added that finishing touch to our masterpiece! Oh the joy. Although the apartment was great, the exciting part of the decorations was the set up. I was a bit worried about whether is would all be even and whether our apartment would look tacky. So I decided to use my enthusiasm to my advantage. Because I wasn't sure if Kayla would be consistent with the lights I excitedly volunteered to pin the lights to the ceiling. I was the light woman of the evening. I stood on stools,the counter, and the TV stand for as long as I could. Although the majority of the time I had to walk/shimmy across the top of the couches to pin the lights up. Not having the back of the couches very deep I had to stand right up against the wall to finish the task I had volunteered myself into. Not only did I accomplish in pinning the lights up, but I also succeeded in knocking three pictures off the wall, and the big Asian ball! What a night! Our apartment now looks great and smells like the holidays. My first decorating experience away from home. Ha ha it couldn't have been better. I hope you all enjoyed decorating for the holidays as I did! I will see you all soon!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

HI!! So I have had tons of homework and a lot of studying this last week and have had no time for anything (Not even time to talk to certain someones. So I have am keeping my end of the deal Becky.) All the same, life is good except for the fact I got 59 on my last history test that I thought I did well on. So I am mad about that.
I get to go home next Friday which I am so excited for! You can't get much more excited! I don't think i have ever been so excited for Christmas Break. This life is just so stressful. ArG!! I never realized how tough finals week would be till it just hit me in the face!!
But hey I am finally getting over being sick. That is a huge relief! On Sunday I am singing in church with my roommate and it was so hard trying to practice when I was sick! So I a pretty excited for that!
I don't really know what else to mention about my life but i'll post some pictures of me and Kayla decorating the apartment!!