Saturday, November 10, 2007

Callings are like a box of chocolates..You never know what you are going to get!

So this last week at ward prayer I volunteered to lead the opening song. So I was getting involved in church and was liking the fact that faces were starting to become more familiar to me!
After ward prayer ended I was walking out with Mellisa and Dallas when the bishop called my name. He told me he was glad to hear my testimony earlier that day, and that DeAnna was a great relief society president. He laughed and told me that it was in the blood! He knew just who to call next year. I laughed and I told him I was glad to finally meet him and quickly left for home. So, I was safe! Because it is so late in the semester I figured I was pretty much safe for getting a calling.
Well, about an hour ago was sitting in my kitchen when my phone rang. It was a member of the bishopric. was calling to have an interview with me over the phone! It was about a calling that they were in desperate need of. I was wondering what random calling would be so desperate. He went on to explain that he saw that I lead the music at ward prayer on Sunday and had mentioned that I had been a part of choirs(on my get to know you form). He then asked me if I would be willing to be the ward choir director. I was shocked! I know that I can do this but I am so scared! I love to sing but I wouldn't say I am all that great. I was not expecting that call at all! I was thinking something with fhe or linger longer stuff! I would have expected a call to be part of the choir instead of the head of the choir! So we will see how this goes!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I have been tagged:
Four places I've lived: Orem, Woodland Hills, Spanish Fork(123), Logan(12)

Four jobs I've had: Farrah's Sunwear, Western Wats, Sears Portrait Studio, Juniper Take Out.

Four things I'd like to do before I die: Be a Grandma(which means I will have had to be a mom), Go to Paris(all over Europe would be great), Ride as many kinds of different transportation machines as possible(hot air balloon, train, jet, etc.), and get married in the Temple!

Four favorite desserts: The chocolate cake from chili's, Nesquick shakes, drum sticks, graham crunch!

Four interesting facts about me: I was once stuck in an elevator for 4 hours before, I broke into a school and was almost arrested, I am a Family and consumer science education student, and I have almost made it through my first semester of school!

Four favorite movies: While you were sleeping, Runaway Bride, The Notebook, and any comedy or chick flick that is clean!

Four people I'm tagging: Anyone else who hasn't done this out of my sisters!

Now copy and paste to your blog and tag someone else.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Halloween was a lot of fun this year! We had a work party about a week ago and I went as an egyption. I also have some fun pictures of me my friends Kayla and Alyson! And then yesterday I dressed up as a black cat for work because it was the easiest thing to do and was still cute! When I got home from work my roommate and her friend Kada were getting ready to go to some parties. So lucky for me I was already dressed up. I just added my pink Boa and touched up on some make-up! We hooked up with some friends and headed to a party called the "yell"(it was at a church) and then we all came back to our place for a party with my other roommate(and her friends). It's a really good thing we have two couches because we had so many people at our apartment! So it was just a lot of fun! I am making a ton more friends now that I have switched apartments!

My new roommates!

So, I am now in my new apartment and am loving every minute! I don't dread going home anymore. I like going home. I have made good friends with my roommates and have made a lot more people. It's a very social place! Oakridge is a lot better than I expected. People just come and knock on our door! It's just a lot of fun. My new roommates are Sandra and Mellisa. Sandra's cousin Dallis comes over all the time just to hang out with all of us. He calls mellisa lizard and I got the nickname flounder from him.(he tried to do foo foo but I told him no way) So here is just a little update on how great it is to be out of my old apartment! ps. I have a picture of me and my new roommates in the slide show!