Saturday, November 10, 2007

Callings are like a box of chocolates..You never know what you are going to get!

So this last week at ward prayer I volunteered to lead the opening song. So I was getting involved in church and was liking the fact that faces were starting to become more familiar to me!
After ward prayer ended I was walking out with Mellisa and Dallas when the bishop called my name. He told me he was glad to hear my testimony earlier that day, and that DeAnna was a great relief society president. He laughed and told me that it was in the blood! He knew just who to call next year. I laughed and I told him I was glad to finally meet him and quickly left for home. So, I was safe! Because it is so late in the semester I figured I was pretty much safe for getting a calling.
Well, about an hour ago was sitting in my kitchen when my phone rang. It was a member of the bishopric. was calling to have an interview with me over the phone! It was about a calling that they were in desperate need of. I was wondering what random calling would be so desperate. He went on to explain that he saw that I lead the music at ward prayer on Sunday and had mentioned that I had been a part of choirs(on my get to know you form). He then asked me if I would be willing to be the ward choir director. I was shocked! I know that I can do this but I am so scared! I love to sing but I wouldn't say I am all that great. I was not expecting that call at all! I was thinking something with fhe or linger longer stuff! I would have expected a call to be part of the choir instead of the head of the choir! So we will see how this goes!


Dshaw said...

You will be great! That would be a fun calling. If you need to come over and practice let me know!

Carillisa said...

This will be great training for the rest of your life. Watch out! Bishoprics are always looking for qualified choir directors. You are in it for life! How fun...if Bean were to pick his all time favorite calling in the ward, he would choose choir director.

Keyliegh Ann said...

I know you'll do great at this and everyone is bound to love you cuz I mean .... look at you! I MISS YOU!
ps. cute picture :)
pps I added pictures lol! i finally figured out how to do that ..... wow i'm.... nvmd forgot

Keyliegh Ann said...

yeah .... just type in Good Morning Maxfield in Google and it'll be like the first link...... they were a ton of fun to watch too.... eye candy :P