Thursday, December 6, 2007

HI!! So I have had tons of homework and a lot of studying this last week and have had no time for anything (Not even time to talk to certain someones. So I have am keeping my end of the deal Becky.) All the same, life is good except for the fact I got 59 on my last history test that I thought I did well on. So I am mad about that.
I get to go home next Friday which I am so excited for! You can't get much more excited! I don't think i have ever been so excited for Christmas Break. This life is just so stressful. ArG!! I never realized how tough finals week would be till it just hit me in the face!!
But hey I am finally getting over being sick. That is a huge relief! On Sunday I am singing in church with my roommate and it was so hard trying to practice when I was sick! So I a pretty excited for that!
I don't really know what else to mention about my life but i'll post some pictures of me and Kayla decorating the apartment!!


Keyliegh Ann said...

Oh wow! sounds like your life is just as fun as mine ;) I'm going home on Thursday or Friday ..... I think. I don't really know when all my finals are AH!!!!! I need to get on that soon. anyways we need to play

Beckutie said...

Gracias me hermana for keeping in touch! We are looking forward to more. GOOD LUCK on Finals!

Carillisa said...

Yeah! She finally posted something NEW! I kept checking and checking wondering if that sister of mine was still alive...glad to hear she is.

And about the and learn. You're not the only one who has bombed a few college finals. It seems that almost everyone has to "wake-up" to college testing. Besides, you're home and on break. You can "think about it tomorrow".

See you soon!