Thursday, October 25, 2007


These are some pictures I took in California and then up Logan Canyon!


So I am moving! I was going to just put up with my roommates for the rest of the year but then I found out that they don't like me and want me to move out. They want me to leave so Linzy can come in. (This doesn't make sense because I offered her my room a long time ago!) I was really annoyed that they would talk behind my back all the time. So I talked to mom about it and she made some phone calls!! So I then went to the office to see what my options were and I am moving this Saturday!! I am so excited! At the end of this semester my really good friend Kayla is moving in to that apartment as well! I will be in 8B. I also don't have to switch wards either! Hurray!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


So I have decided that I don't really want to major in history. I really just want to teach and history was one of the only things I could do. If I had my wish, I would teach Home Economics or TLC. So I decided to change my major. This is a major that will help me be a mom as well. That is my main goal in life but sometimes that won't always happen at the right times. It is also smart for me to have a major AND enjoy it. I am still working on what it's called but I believe it's called home economics and consumer education!

18D 2

I am still a resident of 18D and will continue to be until the end of this year. It turns out that I will have to pay two hundred dollars to switch and Linzy has decided that she doesn't want to anymore. Oh the joy! I am optimistic about the whole situation though. I am still getting along with them all. I am starting to get to know Nicole more these days and am excited for my ward. So although I am still in this lovely apartment I have changed my attitude about it all and decided that it's not going to stink and be a dread all year. I have been in a lot better mood these last few days now that I have started to like my apartment. YAY!!