Thursday, October 25, 2007


So I am moving! I was going to just put up with my roommates for the rest of the year but then I found out that they don't like me and want me to move out. They want me to leave so Linzy can come in. (This doesn't make sense because I offered her my room a long time ago!) I was really annoyed that they would talk behind my back all the time. So I talked to mom about it and she made some phone calls!! So I then went to the office to see what my options were and I am moving this Saturday!! I am so excited! At the end of this semester my really good friend Kayla is moving in to that apartment as well! I will be in 8B. I also don't have to switch wards either! Hurray!!


Beckutie said...

Hooray for you! Sounds like you have even more of reason to leave now than ever. Sorry you got stuck with such difficult roommates, but it sounds like things are looking up! YAY!

Carillisa said...

Very, VERY good news!