Wednesday, October 3, 2007

18D 2

I am still a resident of 18D and will continue to be until the end of this year. It turns out that I will have to pay two hundred dollars to switch and Linzy has decided that she doesn't want to anymore. Oh the joy! I am optimistic about the whole situation though. I am still getting along with them all. I am starting to get to know Nicole more these days and am excited for my ward. So although I am still in this lovely apartment I have changed my attitude about it all and decided that it's not going to stink and be a dread all year. I have been in a lot better mood these last few days now that I have started to like my apartment. YAY!!


Beckutie said...

Way to be positive! Good for you and Good LUCK! :)

Carillisa said...

The good attitude will pay off. It's cheaper too!