Thursday, November 1, 2007

My new roommates!

So, I am now in my new apartment and am loving every minute! I don't dread going home anymore. I like going home. I have made good friends with my roommates and have made a lot more people. It's a very social place! Oakridge is a lot better than I expected. People just come and knock on our door! It's just a lot of fun. My new roommates are Sandra and Mellisa. Sandra's cousin Dallis comes over all the time just to hang out with all of us. He calls mellisa lizard and I got the nickname flounder from him.(he tried to do foo foo but I told him no way) So here is just a little update on how great it is to be out of my old apartment! ps. I have a picture of me and my new roommates in the slide show!


Dshaw said...

What is foo foo?

Lu said...

He called Mellisa Lizard.. so when he told me I needed a nick name I told him that I have always been called fish. When he couldn't remember fish he just said foo foo. Then he decided to call me flounder because of the nickname fish and Ariel has red hair and so do I.

Carillisa said...

Oh, life is going to be so much better for you now! did you have to pay any money?