Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I have been tagged:
Four places I've lived: Orem, Woodland Hills, Spanish Fork(123), Logan(12)

Four jobs I've had: Farrah's Sunwear, Western Wats, Sears Portrait Studio, Juniper Take Out.

Four things I'd like to do before I die: Be a Grandma(which means I will have had to be a mom), Go to Paris(all over Europe would be great), Ride as many kinds of different transportation machines as possible(hot air balloon, train, jet, etc.), and get married in the Temple!

Four favorite desserts: The chocolate cake from chili's, Nesquick shakes, drum sticks, graham crunch!

Four interesting facts about me: I was once stuck in an elevator for 4 hours before, I broke into a school and was almost arrested, I am a Family and consumer science education student, and I have almost made it through my first semester of school!

Four favorite movies: While you were sleeping, Runaway Bride, The Notebook, and any comedy or chick flick that is clean!

Four people I'm tagging: Anyone else who hasn't done this out of my sisters!

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Dshaw said...

When were you stuck in an elevator for 4 hrs?

Lu said...

With you! Remember when we went to BYU with Sara Kent and we were stuck inside forever!

Carillisa said...

I have never heard of the elevator incident or the almost-arrested incident. I think some explanation is in order. You are more adventurous than I ever thought! Blog it~