Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I am almost done with my first year of school! Oh Hurray! It is pretty crazy to think about! I guess that is just how life goes though! :) But here is what is going on my life for the most part!

I am going to be finishing up my classes in about two and a half weeks! I will definitely have 3 A's(I am pretty sure) and that is awesome and my other two are close behind. Oh what a relief to be over!

I got a job at Mt. West Title with mom for the summer. I am pretty much throwing my social life down the drain for the summer. It is okay with me though, I won't have to work at all next school year! I will probably get a job on campus for like 2 days a week to give me so play money! I am going to be working 40 hours a week and will be getting paid $10 an hour! The coolest part about not having to work is the fact that I can get involved in my ward and have time to make a lot of friends, which i didn't do at all this year! So YAY!! I am excited for next year to start!

Tyler got his call to Busan, Korea! He is leaving June 18! So I am really excited for him! Nothing is really going on between us. He is just one of my best friends and I will have fun writing him some letters! I am not sure if I want to talk to him before he leaves.

I was talking to my boss the other day about a conference talk (the one about salvation is personal and exaltation is accomplished with family) So as we were talking he was asking me if I was working for my exaltation. I smiled and said yes, well kinda. He than expounded to tell me how I need to get out there and flirt! I need to date a lot so I can have exaltation. So that was pretty funny!

Well, that is just a snap shot in my crazy life! I hope you guys are having a great week!


Beckutie said...

YAY a post!! That was a great snapshot. You have a good way of expressing yourself. I particularly liked the way your boss referred to your social life! :)
Good news though, all around. Your job. Congrats on your grades. That is so awesome LU. Good for you. And congrats to Tyler. I am sure Richie will be the first to tell him how tough it's going to be! Good luck to him!

Carillisa said...

Very cool about your job and your pay! Way to go! That will make a world of difference next year and social lives are over-rated and you end up dating guys way too old for you. (I like the idea of my little sister being stuck behind a desk all summer).

We'll see you sooner than later, and good job on your grades. That's awesome!

Loraine said...

I think I'm the second most excited about your new job (you being the first). We will have a fun summer. I also got a kick out of your boss's write, and flirt.

Tink said...

Hurray for money and a social life! Does this mean you will be too busy to come and see me:(?

Lou said...

Man, I love all the comments. I should post more often! And I am very excited for my new job with some many great things that come along with it. And that means that I will have more time to come and visit you Jenny. I won't have to worry about a job to get off or the money to get there. So the end of the summer I think would be a good time.(when would be good for you) Oh and thank you Carillisa for the concern of me being single!!! ;) I am need to work on my exaltation C! ;)

Anonymous said...
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