Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Being Greatful for the Simple Joys, Makes You a Happier Person!

So for the last few weeks at church we have talking about everything that we should be greatful for. It has been a great couple of weeks! So, I decided to share some of the thing that I love, and am so greatful for. Some of course are simple things I am happy I have, but others mean a lot.
I have been pretty homesick lately, and I really miss everyone! With talking about what we are greatful at church, and missing everyone, I really started to thinkg.. And, I love you all! Thanks for everything! I don't think I voice how greatful I am for all that I am blessed with! I also don't say, "I love you" as much as I should. So, here is my way of expressing my love for everyone!
Yeah, I know this is all really cheesey, but it's thanksgiving. AND I am allowed to be dumb, and emotional all I want! :) I hope you guys all have a wonderful thanksgiving!
---PS- Just click on the picture, and you can see the collage of everything I love!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HURRAY!! I got the Job (for more information read below) !! I am super excited! :) Oh and I was looking through my pictures and found this video that I never shared! ENJOY!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween, Pie Party, Cooking, and A New Job

Okay, So I haven't updated in a while! So, this is going to be a long post! A lot has happened! If you don't have time to read it then you can just look at the pictures! :) The first paragraph is really awesome though!

I have decided that I am going to work really hard next semester, and then take next fall semster off! With that decision I have been really undecided about my living arrangements, getting a different job, moving home for the summer, or really what to do with my life! I was really stressed out about the whole thing! I kept trying to make decisions, and nothing seemed to be making me feel better.
I called Sears, got my job back for Christmas, which would have been good because I could come back for the break! But, I still didn't feel good about how my life was planned out. My job for next summer and fall were not set yet. So, I decided to apply for JcPenney, because I could keep that job even after Christmas and work there next summer, and fall.
So, I went in and applied! (I also applied to kiddie kandids but it didn't like the feeling there) So! I turned my application in, and had my interview right away! The interview went REALLY well. Because of my experience they really liked me. I talked about my concerns for staying on after Christmas, and she explained to me that with my experience she was almost positive I would stay on. She also explained to me that she was hoping to hire on an assistant manager. She told me that one of her core employees would be next in line for it, but isn't sure that she will be able to handle it. So, she told me that if she doesn't take that position than it will be ME! How cool! So, everything seems to be falling into place. The relief that my life is in control is wonderful! I just have to wait for my background check to go through and go to the studio for me to put my two weeks notice in for my other job! Cool Huh!

This is the stuff that is just fun!

Well, at the beginning of the year we had an awesome cookie party. So, I decided we needed to have another party. This time my friend Ryan and I put together a pie party! It included a pie eating contest, and everyone bringing their own pie to share! It turned out awesome; there were about forty people there! The coolest part about it all was the fact that I knew pretty much everyone there, and was good friends with them!
Halloween this year was really interesting! I was planning on being a pirate and was looking for a sword at a store up here in Logan when I saw some fairy wings! I got really excited, and decided to change my costume! I went to the fabric store and made my own costume. I found some sheer fabric, sewed it onto a ribbon that I would tie around my waist, and then dangled ribbon all the way around it! The dressing up part was the coolest part of it all!
I had no desire to got the “Howl” on a campus; so, we all decided to go to a party at Hamilton's. It was absolutely terrible!
We started dancing which was fun until there were too many people and the guys were perverts, and danced all creepy. To avoid the dance floor we went to a lounge where there was drinks and food. This would have been fine, but the smell of smoke was so strong that I was getting sick to my stomach. So we went to the entrance, and tried to get fresh air. As we were standing there a guys bumped into me, and started to apologize. He was so drunk. He was breathing so heavy into my face, and the smell of beer was absolutely revolting! Agh! We ended up just sitting on these benches, and watching all the slutty people get more and more wasted. I kept thinking that this is so not my kind of party.
As the party went on this creepy creepy guy came up to us (nearly falling over), and started to explain to us that we were way to sober to be at that party. We all agreed, knowing that we didn't really like being there. He offered us his beer, and when we declined he told us that he used to say the same thing until he realized he was more attractive after a few drinks. We kinda just laughed, and he walked away. I was sick of being there by then, and said we should all just go back and watch a movie or something instead. Everyone was down, so we finally left!!
I would have been totally bummed that my Halloween was lame, but I was just so relieved that that wasn't my usual lifestyle. I left, and was so grateful that I know the truth, and know what it really means to be happy! Oh crazy crazy!

Well, that is the end of my super long update! Here are the pictures!