Monday, February 8, 2010

You think I like change?

SO! I have gone through SO many different hair colors, hair lengths, and bangs. I was looking through some pictures, and I was surprised at how many different looks I have done. I compiled just a few of the different styles from the last 3!! years.

If you want to help me pick out which ones you like the most I can have some more opinions on what to do with my hair. I know some of the colors or lengths repeat, but the ones that do repeat are showing some other style.

Which hair color do you like the most? (Seven and I believe ten are my natural color)
Which bangs to you like the best? (strait across, long swoop, short swoop, or none)
which hair length? (I am growing it out for now, but for future reference which ones do you like and dislike)

Click on the picture do get a better look. :)


Nikki said...

I love #4 It is so cute!

Beckutie said...

I really like #8. #3 ?(Your looking up) is fun. I also like #10 - your natural color I think is my favorite, and your hair is naturally so thick and beautiful it's almost a shame to have it short all of the time, so I am glad you are growing it out for a little while.

latinlees said...

number 10 mi lord,