Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Kindergarten was great!
There were a lot of great things about kindergarten.
-Singing was always a plus- If you did a really good job at singing one of the teachers would give you a laminated shape to sit on until the end of class when you got to exchange it for a treat.
-You got to trace the alphabet and numbers with all 8 colors from the crayon box- I remember having the hardest time with the #8 for some reason.
-You wore big t-shirts for painting..I still love the smell of paint (not in the bad way), and school supplies.
-You only had half day and then you got to ride the smaller bus to get home.
- Coloring was the coolest...along with other arts and crafts
It was my kindergarten year when I first experienced the guilt trip you can be subject to from teachers. When it was time to clean up our teacher would warn us and then count to ten. By the time she got to ten we needed to have all of our stuff put away in our cubbies, and be sitting on the rug. If you didn't make it to the rug your name would be put on the board as a warning.
I was finishing coloring my picture one day when my teacher told us to clean up. I wanted to hurry and finish before I sat down. I tried to hurry as fast as I could and get to the rug on time but I failed. When I finally made it to the rug my teacher looked at me all disappointed like and put my name on the board. I was absolutely devastated. It was the first time that had ever happened and I just remember the sick pit in my stomach... It's funny how much that affected me.
My first field trip ever was to the Hogle Zoo that year. It was also the first time I had been away from mom for an extended period of time (that I remember anyways). I don't remember much about the trip except for lunch. Mom packed me a little baggy of Whoppers, and my favorite sandwich at the time; a mayo, ketchup, and mustard sandwich. It had been in my bag all day and so it was warm. Sadly enough, I loved it! -- that was also the first and last time I have ever been to that zoo.
I think there was some sort of animal thing going on that year. For our kindergarten graduation it was animal themed. We had a ton of animal songs memorized, and we had animal cutouts for our faces. I wish I could remember the songs because they were awesome.
The only other memory I have of kindergarten was the day I got stuck at school. Mom told me not to ride the bus home that day because she would be picking DeAnna, Kenny, and me up from the school. So, I didn't get on the bus that day. (our bus driver was this cute old man who was super smiley. Mr. Willy I think) Anyways, I didn't get on the bus, but I didn't see my mom anywhere.
The teacher had me come back inside, and wait in the classroom. The afternoon class had already started, and I didn't know anyone in there. I remember the looked like they were having so much fun. It was hat day for them, and I was just sitting on the rug looking at them.
I was so scared. I kept trying to think if I knew my way home if I started walking. Mom hadn't come yet, and I was scared I was going to be left at the school all night.
I don't know how long it was before mom showed up. I don't even know how this story ends but I remember the most random details. I can still picture some of the girls hats, and the design on the rug. It wasn't that big of a deal but for a five year old it must have been because it's stuck in my memory.
So, That's what I remember about kindergarten.