Monday, September 8, 2008

Cookie Contest!

The first FHE that i had up here in Logan I made friends with a bunch of different people. A few of us discussed the idea of having a cookie competition. Well, It happened Sunday Night!! We fit about fourty people into one little apartment! It was a ton of fun! I got a ton of great pictures!

My roommate Melissa was the winner and got a trophy, a date with this super funny kid, and a $10 gift card to Subway!

I also got set apart for my new calling Sunday! I am so excited for it! I met my fhe husband too. He is pretty cute and really nice. When we first met eachother he asked me if I was his other half! Ha ha ha it made me laugh. So, that will be a lot of fun.

I also was glad we came back early yesterday! We had a good sunday school, a great CES fireside, ward prayer, the cookie contest, and we hung out with a bunch of guys after(we played mario cart)!!!

Well, Life is good, and I am happy with where my life is right now! I'll update again soon!


Beckutie said...

I am so happy you are having such a great time...THIS is what makes college life so fun! You had a TON of people show up. Talk about a great way to meet new people, you should do this more often every Sunday or once a month.
Keep the posts coming.

Dshaw said...

Freakin' Awesome!

Loraine said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! You need to tag the people in the pictures so when you talk about them, we know who your friends are. Looking forward to hearing more.

Tink said...'s like Cookie Night. Good idea!