Saturday, September 26, 2009


I went to Homecoming this year, and had an absolute blast! I went with my good friend Brad. I met him at the beginning of last year and I have worked with him since then. We went as friends and nothing more. So, there is nothing to report there.

Okay, so he picked me up at my apartment, and we hurried over to the bluebird where we had dinner with 4 other couples. I didn't really know anyone there so we just talked the whole time. So, dinner was enjoyable. It was funny though cause the waiter was extra friendly to just me. He was nice to everyone but he kept complimenting me on my dress, along with other funny comments. he he

After dinner we went to the dance which was half stag, half couples. It was kind of weird. What you were supposed to do was dress up in a certain decade and come. So, about half the people were dressed up nice and the other half weren't. It was weird! To go along with the theme, "Here There and Everywhere. Once an Aggie, always an Aggie," they had different kinds of music in different parts of the TSC. They had a big band swing room, country western room, futuristic room, and 80's 90's and now room. So it was fun going to different places. Anyways, as you all know I am a terrible dancer but I still had a ton of fun. I am very glad Brad was my date cause I didn't feel so stupid!

So, after we were done dancing the boys (just two now) had planned a little surprise activity for us. They gave us a riddle, and we had to go find that spot to get the next clue. After going to several different places around campus we made it to our final destination. We didn't find another clue, but over under some trees on the grass there was a table set up with some chairs. They had brownies, ice cream and candles all set up! There was no one on this part of campus. So, it was a lot of fun having a little adventure. The boys were great!

After our dessert, the other couple decided to head over to true aggie night, and Brad brought me home. It was a great night!


Betsy & Richard Lee said...

How fun!! I'm glad you got to experience a college Homecoming dance! I went to Homecoming at USU as well and it was sooo much fun!!! I loved it! You look really cute in that picture as well!

Loraine said...

Cute picture! Sounds like you had a great time.

Dshaw said...

Cute dress :) Don't break his heart. P.S. I need to show you the email that my bishop sent regarding Tanners phone call with you. ha ha it is funny