Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stitches, Crazy Amigos, Cinnamon Rolls, Photography, and True Aggie

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So, I think my life is pretty boring but then when I think about it I realize I have had a lot going on. Last Friday I spent the night with my crazy friends. Brad, Amy, Lexi, and Melissa. We watched the three amigos, and had Vanilla Creams.

By the end of the night Melissa and I bailed, and headed up to True Aggie Night. My intent for going was to support Melissa in becoming a true aggie. Before we left I made it clear that I was NOT going to kiss anyone there. As we were standing up by the “A” Melissa, and her best friend (and kiss) were trying to tell me that I should just go up with someone. I didn't want to go find some random person to kiss. Well as I was arguing my point a cute boy walked by and asked me if I needed to go up there. “Uh...” Both Melissa and Anthony said yes. The cute boy grabbed my hand, and guided to me to the “A”. Yes, I became a True Aggie, and I did find out his name was Jessie. Yeah...

Saturday was a great girls night. We went and had dessert at Ruby Tuesday, and did face masks.

Monday I made my roommates dinner and made my very first batch of cinnamon rolls. They actually turned out really well. The pan was gone really fast. I invited two boys, which led to a total of 6 boys and 4 girls. It was a ton of fun.

Now for my exciting story to the hospital.

I woke up Thursday morning and kept reminding myself that it was going to be a good day! I took my test, stayed happy, and headed to work. When I arrived at work I realized we were short staffed and I was working solo in sweet streets. So as I was cutting some pineapple with a dull knife the knife slid of the fruit inserting itself into the side of my knuckle. Ah crap! I grabbed a paper towel and headed to the back kitchen. As I was trying to stop the bleeding several of my managers and head boss came to take a look.

Through out this whole mess I started feeling really queasy and light headed. So I sat down while I filled out some paper work, and it was decided I need to go to the hospital to get a tetanus shot. After getting some food in my stomach we headed to the hospital. After getting my shot the doctor came in to examine my finger. He decided that it would be best to give me stitches and let me leave.

He gave me three shots in my finger which hurt like dickens (I am not sure what the dickens feel like but it still really hurt). Which was followed by four stitches in my knuckle. It didn't really start hurting till last night when the numbing wore off, but since then it has been pretty painful. Oh well I'll live.

So, I have now had stitches! :0


Dshaw said...

OH..I'm sorry sis...:( Does that mean you don't have to work?!

Loraine said...

Ouch! Cute picture of you and the cinnamon rolls. Sad pictures of your stitches. Hope it doesn't scar.

Beckutie said...

All of it is needing a comment, but I am so focused on being grossed out by your finger I can't remember the rest of the blog.
COngrats on being a TRUE AGGIE that's awesome. Jon and I will have to return one day for ourselves...neither of us are official. Pathetic.