Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Park City-Temple Square

To celebrate the end of the semester my roommate and I got some friends together for a fun get away to park city!!
We started the trip by going to temple square, and enjoying the lights! We spent the weekend eating great food, talking till early hours of the morning, playing in the snow, shopping, and tons more. For my lack of desire to give too many details, I'm not. The pictures will give a good enough idea :)... Oh we did play smear the queer. That is a really fun game. The boys had no mercy tackling us because of the snow. I am still sore and it's four days later. SO much fun!

On Monday I went to temple square we went to temple square with a small part of the family. It was a wonderful weekend!

This is by far my favorite picture of the two trips to temple square!! :)
I love the temple!

This is a picture of the gang! I am actually taking this picture...There is Me, Melissa, Brant, PJ James, Janae, and Brad down below. I didn't really know these guys before we went on our trip but I had so much fun with all of them. It was kinda sad cause PJ has a girl, Brant might have one (which is the saddest). Anyways! I had a blast!

Kenny and Jamile!

The Couples!

Because I am not a couple yet I was repeatedly left out. So, Dad told me he would take a picture with me. So, I got a picture with Kenny and Dad! That really did help me feel better about being the single one. :)


BrookieD said...

You should hang out with me… I'm always single ;)

Great pictures as always… can't wait for tomorrow :D