Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Long Two Weeks

WoW!! It's only been two weeks since my life got completely flipped around. According to my last post I had the intention of staying in Logan for the remainder of the school year, and then make the switch. Well, that didn't happen. There is no question of where God wants me.
I made the decision to start school at UVU right away, if possible. With all that needed to be done with my schooling I needed to get started right away. Thanks to God, Richard, and Mom and Dad I am now going to school at UVU.
EVERYTHING that needed to work out, did!
-I got excepted to UVU in a day and a half.
-My finacial aid was updated to UVU in less than 24 hrs- It was supposed to take 5 business days.
-I sold my housing contract within an hour of trying.
-I got signed into 16 credits worth of closed classes.
-Any extra paperwork went through very smoothly.
-I needed to find a good place to live for the remainder of the year.
...there is more but I can't remember it all.
All of this happened in a THREE day period of time. That is completely unbelievable. I also got my loans accepted for UVU on Saturday!

So I am living at Glenwood here in Provo with some great roommates. I even share a room. My room roommate is Pip, she is awesome! I take the bus to school everyday, and am finally calming down enough to really start enjoying myself.

My classes are absolutely AMAZING! I don't want to miss class now because what I will learn is something I don't want to miss. I go to class now because I enjoy it, not because I need to pass.

My favorite class right now is Digital Photography. My teacher is not a professor. He is a professional photographer who has been doing work for the last fourty years. So, he really knows what he is talking about. I decided this was something I needed to take full advantage of. I asked him how I should go about shadowing someone, and he offered to let me shadow him on his shoots anytime. OR, come to his studio and learn lighting :)!!!!! How awesome is that!
I actually went on a shoot with him and his partner this last saturday, and spent 6 hours talking photography and all that I need to learn!

SO LIFE IS GOOD!!!- with all that has happened these last two weeks it feels like it has been so much longer than that.


Betsy & Richard Lee said...

Yep, you were meant to be here. :P I'm so happy that everything worked out and that you're happy and excited about life right now! That's just awesome!!! You'll have to come over to dinner one of these days when you're not to busy. ;)

Dshaw said...

The only reason I'm not making a bigger fuss is because I believe you are supposed to be there too...ya..the only reason. :) Good Luck...update me on any fun dates :)

Loraine said...

Amazing. It's good to have you close to home (Sorry DeAnna). Like we used to say when I was a kid - - Keep on Truckin'.

Beckutie said...

Wow! I am so glad you are enjoying it so much. Good for you. Big changes like that take guts - way to be brave!!