Saturday, January 2, 2010

Think Green!

No, this post is not about being environmentally friendly. "SAVE THE TREES" :) he he just in case you forgot, I am still funny! ha ha anywho, this post is about all the crazy life changes that will be affecting my life in so many ways. This is a long one so you can understand WHY I am doing what I am doing.
I have been attending Utah these last 2 1/2 years and have absolutely loved every aspect of it. I love the campus, the Aggies, basketball games, being close to DeAnna, Logan, the overall feel of being a student there, all of my amazing friends, and my ward... The only thing that I have wanted to change was my major.
I have been debating for a long time now whether I want to major in FCSE. I have had a hard time having the motivation to get good grades when I don't really care about what I am doing! I really enjoy the subject that I would be teaching but I don't really want to be a teacher! I have wanted to change for about a year now but I didn't want to switch for several reasons. I didn't want it to take longer to graduate, and my major is a very practical/stable major.
For the last year or so whenever Richard would talk about his classes I would be very envious. They sounded exactly like what I wanted to be doing. The other night Richard and I were talking about how awesome his classes were. By the end (ish) of the conversation I decided that this was something that I really wanted to be doing. I would major in Digital Media Cinema- both film and photography! How freaking awesome is that!
BUT... Utah State doesn't have this major or anything close to it. Their photography program is a ton of art classes with photography as an emphasis. That is not what I wanted. So, making the decision to major in DMC means I have to switch to UVU. I don't really care for UVU and as mentioned above I absolutely love Logan.
I have been completely torn. I love love love where I am at and my friends, but I would much rather be doing what I really enjoy doing. I love photography, but have a lot of work to do to get really good (which is the goal right). I want to take the classes that will really help me accomplish those goals.
So, after prayer and planning I have decided to start school in the summer or the fall at UVU. I would switch down immediately but I have already paid my rent for the rest of the year and cannot get out of it. I will also just be working this semester, and not going to school. I am finished with my generals and can't really send any credits for my major down. So, here I am. I wish I could start school now because if I started this semester I would have 4 semesters left. But even starting next fall I will graduate the spring of 2012; which would be the same as my education major (and that is with a semester off). $2,400 saved for the lack of semester! So I will just work as much as I can, hopefully save up for some equipment that will be nice to have, and get ready for this next semester!


Todd Miller said...

I personally loved UVU. I think you will have a ton of fun there and you will get to meet a whole bunch of new people; and hopefully soon, be closer to us. :)

Betsy & Richard Lee said...

Yea!! I'm sure you'll love the new major, and will quickly get used to UVU as well. I think it's an awesome switch, but those may be left over emotions I have from Richard switching. ;)

latinlees said...

Wolverines are cooler then cows any way.

Jess said...

You will LOVE UVU! Plus, I go there, and we might run into each other every now and then! Love you!

Loraine said...

I am so glad to have you back! I'm excited for you and your new adventure!

Karen said...

Well, I will miss you terribly! We must hang out before you move! I am happy for you though! that will be just awesome for you!

Beckutie said...

I am sure you will love UVU - and don't worry cuz "Once an Aggie, always an Aggie" :)

I actually like the idea of you being closer to home. Not sure why. Probably the same reason I like Mom being home - even when I am married with kids and live halfway across the country.

Good luck! Luv you.

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