Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun Night!- Haiti Movie!

So, a few days ago after class I headed to Jimmy's house in Spanish Fork. Ever since we became friends several years ago I have made him some kind of dessert for his birthday. Well, because I was unable to do that while he was on his mission I wanted to make it up to him. We decided it would be more fun if we made something together. For the fun of it we decided to make something we had never made before. I have always wanted to make orange rolls (they are kinda like cinnamon rolls but with orange instead). SO OH MY WORD, THEY TURNED OUT YUMMY! I highly suggest you make them. We didn't want to make them the same shape as cinnamon rolls.

ALSO!!! While I was hanging out with Jimmy he showed me this wonderful music video dedicated to the people in Haiti! WATCH IT!!

I went to work on another photo assignment at Brooke and Nikki's yesterday. I am pretty excited to live with them this summer. With Brooke interested in Photography as well, I am very excited for our many photoshoots this summer!


Amy Elise Broadhead said...

You owe me an orange roll!

BrookieD said...

ALISHIA! The bottles turned out just smashing! I cannot wait either… I feel my photo blog will intensify by 3,000 if I live with you and all your creativity awesomeness :D