Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bubble Gum

I absolutely loved gum growing up. I liked other candy sure but if I had a choice I would always choose gum. It wasn't a secret that I had an obsession with this candy. I still get bubble gum every Christmas/Easter/Birthday from my cute mom who always remembers the small things.
Growing up there were so many options to choose from. They had the Zebra Gum, Bubblicious ( my personal favorite, especially watermelon), Bubble Jugs, Gum balls, Bubble Tape (I had a weird habit of always swallowing this kind of gum, and going through the roll in a matter of hours), The gum in the band aids box, double bubble, and so many others.
I was always excited when I was able to have some of the specialty kinds. They had gum that was in the shape of checks, or bills. The gum was thick strips of original flavored bubble gum in a small package.
I remember that I didn't get this kind of gum very often but when I did it was very exciting. I don't think I was ever able to chew a pack by myself though. I have a very distinct memory of being in the kitchen in Woodland Hills, and having Kenny try and convince me to give him a check of gum (there were only like 3 checks in a package). I did not want to share! When I got this gum I wanted to save it for as long as a could, and I did not want to have to give him a whole piece. I was willing to give him a piece but not a whole check.
I lost the battle of having the gum all to myself. Kenny threatened to never be my friend again, and as it was I was so scared of that actually happening that he ended up with a whole check of my gum....Kenny won a lot of arguments that way.
When I was younger the Wrigley gum was the grown up kind of gum. Mom always had the dark blue kind. She always had that gum in her scripture case at church, and without fail I would ask for a piece every Sunday. My siblings would be annoyed, and I am sure Mom was too, but she gave me a piece anyways.
My favorite grown up gum was any kind of cinnamon gum. I think it was cinnamon because it was my dad's favorite. My dad loves cinnamon, and I wanted to have something the same. So, I think subconsciously cinnamon became my favorite.
Aunt Ellen (lee) always gave me gum when I saw her. I remember we were gum buddies. I wonder if she even remembers that. Probably not- I knew she would give me gum if I asked for it. So, I probably just tagged her has my gum buddy.
I still like gum but I actually rarely chew it anymore..hmm?