Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend!

My Halloween weekend actually had very little Halloweeness to it. It was still a lot of fun though!

There was a big stake Dance on Friday, but it didn't sound appealing to me at all. Luckily Tyler doesn't like dances either. So, we spent the evening having Cafe Rio and watching Finding Nemo.

Saturday was so much fun. We (Me and Jenny) planned a group date. Because we were setting our friend, Trent up on a date it ended up with the girls being in charge. I came up with the idea of having it a kids themed night. :) We made homemade pizza, played with play-dough (homemade mind you), made a giant fort in our family room, and watched sword in the stone.
Me and Tyler- I don't really like this picture of me but I still like the picture.

This is mine and Tyler's Play-dough creation. It's a duck pond...use your imagination to fill in the gaps.

The whole gang in our fort!

I only wore the costume for a few hours cause I didn't end up going to the party on Friday.

Me and my beautiful roommate Jenny! ps. you can totally see my purple hair!


Beckutie said...

Cute idea...pond...costume (what are you?)...tent..boyfriend. All very fun.

Carillisa said...

That sounds like the kind of Halloween I'd be into. No costumes or fuss-and-muss. I particularly like the bench next to the duck pond...:)

Loraine said...

Very creative! I love the pictures. And, what cute dresses - - or what cute girls that make the dresses look great. :) Looks like you had a great night.

Beckutie said...

You look pretty lit up to me...just sayin' :)