Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Fiesta Days is one of the coolest things that Spanish Fork does. This last Monday night I went with a bunch of my friends! We spent the evening there, and had a blast!
As I went to the carnival I really understood why Spanish Fork has the great reputation of “Hicks” Agh! The weird people really come out to those things. It wasn’t a group of cowboys. Its was full on hicks! I saw little boys’ heads cut real short with the long mow-hawk mullet things going on. It was just sad. I looked around and saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen for years. They had all dropped out!
All the same, we had a ton of fun! Here are some pictures.

And PS. I updated my photography site!


Tink said...

Lou you are sooo cute! Actually you have always been cute but, now you are really beautiful! Sigh, my little sister's all grown up!

Lou said...

ha ha why thank you Jenny! That sure makes me feel good!