Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My birthday this year was pretty much awesome! The best part about it all was the fact that I didn’t have to do a thing! I knew I had to work; so there would be no point in me trying to plan something. So, I decided to just keep it simple.
I was wrong about simple; my friends are awesome, and were ahead in the game. It started this last Saturday!
Saturday morning I woke up to Jess W, Amy, and Ben throwing a blanket on my head, and dragging me out of bed! Oh, and let me tell you, I looked awesome! I had done my hair in curls the day before; so when I woke up it was in all directions! I was hott!
After getting kinda decent we all went to Denny’s for breakfast. As I was finishing my food I was told that the fun was not over. They handed me my swim suit, and told me we were leaving the valley. We climbed into the car, and I was “blind folded” (aka “keep the towel on your head, you can’t know where we are going”).
It didn’t take long to figure out that we were headed up the canyon though. When I figured out where we were I was allowed to take off the towel.

Soon enough I knew the plan; we were going tubing down the Provo River!!! HA HA ha oh my goodness, it was so much fun. We rode up in this old school bus, and started off down the river just below the dam! It was about a two hour run, and it was beautiful! I would recommend this to EVERYONE!!
Well, that was all for Saturday! So now, Tuesday, my actual birthday I had to work; so I didn’t really plan anything. I had a wonderful massage in the morning, but that was all I had planned for me.
At work everyone sang to me! Even better, they sang Alishia Lou! Oh, and mom of course had to explain to them the story about the day I was born! :)
That night Becky had seven layer dip made up for me, and made me a wonderful dessert. It’s that brownie, marshmallow cream, peanut butter, rice crispy treat thing! I don’t know what it’s called but it was delicious! After we ate dinner the Jenkins, Mom, and Dad gave me very nice presents! It was a ton of fun! The family was great!
After I spent time with the family I made plans to hang out with Jess W, and Amy! Too bad they took FOREVER. Well, it was all good, because when they actually showed up they had an awesome cake, ice cream, pizza, and chips waiting at the pool for me! The cake was awesome; it had my name written on it and had an Ariel figurine on the top! They were awesome! And they surprised me again, and had Mckell come too!

As we were sitting at the pool everyone was acting really weird, and I knew someone was going to come for a surprise. They told me that our other friends wanted to come, but couldn’t. So, when Amy was acting all funny I was expecting Ben to pop out of the bush. It was even better! My old roommate Melissa and her friend walked around the corner and surprised me! I was so shocked! I yelled and gave her hug! I was pretty excited. I haven’t seen her at all this summer!

I had all these awesome people around me to celebrate my birthday! My other friends couldn’t come, but I still had a great time! They were all at my house until about 1:00! Oh it was awesome! YAY! Woot!!

PS..I have pictures of Family stuff too but they are on Becky's camera, and I didn't get a picture of Mckell with us :(


Betsy & Richard Lee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like you had an awesome birthday! I'm glad! Sorry we weren't there to help celebrate any of it.

Amy Elise Broadhead said...

We are awesome friends aren't we! haha

Loraine said...

You have awesome friends!