Monday, September 13, 2010

Days Ten-Thirteen

September 10- Picture taken over ten years ago:

September 11- A photo of you recently: This picture was taken two days ago for my dear friend Marz in memory of our quesadilla nights.

September 12- Your favorite outfit:
I love a good pair of jeans with a shirt that is cute and flattering that doesn't make you look like you tried too hard. I have a specific outfit but I don't care to blog about it. so...NEXT!

September 13- Something I am OCD about:
CHEWING WITH YOU MOUTH OPEN!! I don't think there is anything that I am more annul about than people chewing with there mouth open. I don't want to hear the spit in your mouth or anything for that matter. Most often I can let stuff slide but this one irritates me so bad. There are other things that I am OCD about but that is pretty much it.


Beckutie said...

I love your lists Lu. Very fun. Cute pictures too. :D