Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm a fish!

Okay okay! I appreciate the love and concern towards me, but I promise I really am fine. The last post had nothing to do with any specific people. I actually have absolutely zero hard feelings about said person. The post was a vent of frustration. So, as much I love the concern there is no need to go breaking down anyone's door.
If I take the dating aspect out of my life, I can honestly say that my life is pretty dern good :) School has been fun and a bit of a challenge but not bad. I have really enjoyed my classes, and want to have more time to excel in them and learn more.
I LOVE MY WARD!! I have met some great people in my ward this year, and am really enjoying the friendships I have been making. I also have an amazing bishop. I can tell this is going to be an amazing year.
I am really enjoying my time back at the portrait studio. There are just a few of us on staff but it's actually really nice that way!
OH, I am also saving up to buy my camera. I am going to take my time in the process of getting it so I can get the best deal possible but I am going to be passing out flyers soon to advertise family pictures...SO, if you know anyone send them my way. I will have my website up soon so I can show my work.
Thanks for the love and concern from you all. Don't worry about whether I am happy or not. I truly am.


Loraine said...

Yes YOU ARE! Thank you for posting again. I was thinking of telling you to maybe take it off...but hey, everyone has their ups and downs and sometimes it's OK to share. Glad you're up :)