Monday, September 20, 2010

Victoria Place #56

So, i was going to continue my whole blog a day thing but I didn't really care, and some of the questions were lame. SO.. UPDATE!!!
Life for me has been kinda crazy but good. I love my apartment and have really had an amazing time with my roommates, and my new ward. I live with Jenny Jones, Becca Jones, and Cosette Stone. I have been best friends with Jenny since children's choir and LOVE living with her. Becca and Cosette are so cute, and funny. They are both freshman- it is very fun and entertaining to watch them experience life as a college student.
Anyways, tonight we created an apartment plan (suggested by my bishop). Pretty much a set of rules we have together. As we had our meeting we of course had to take some roommie pictures!

My room roommate who I love dearly, Jenny Jones.

Cosette, Becca, Me, and Jenny

Some one is ALWAYs laughing in my apt.

We were pretending that we could be sweet.


Loraine said...

Cute pictures! Another new apartment, it's gonna be a fun year!