Saturday, January 15, 2011

So This One Time!

So, I don't think that you realize what has happened. I know you all pay very close attention to the details in my life, and make mental notes of major events that happen, BUT even with that in consideration, I don't think you understand the magnitude of the situation we have at hand here. It's as big a lion, as small as a San Man, as cool as an amazing photograph, or blah blah blah! Basically it's a big deal.

It has been one year since I completely flipped my life upside down, and went in a completely different direction. I know you are all just as shocked as I was when I first thought about it- your minds must be just racing by the significance of that decision. As I have been thinking about it I think I have decided that the year of 2010 has probably been the most eventful year of my entire life! (I'm not that old but I don't think that it is going to surpass this past year anytime soon-as in the amount of big events)
1-I started the year with the crazy idea of switching schools and not being an Aggie anymore and then I actually followed through with it. Not only did I switch schools but with the help of Richard I managed to pull it off in a three day period of time!
2- I got into a major that I absolutely love and have made some wonderful contacts, and friends in the process.
3- I moved into BYU country and actually really like it here.
4- I WENT TO AFRICA-- I think this one should be on my list at least three time because of how cool it was.
5- T.V. got home from his mission (different turn of events that followed that were completely unexpected and really twisted around)
6- I bought a new camera to help me in pursuit of my photography
- I got my website up as well.
7- I started dating T.R. which has been amazing!
8- Relationships have definitely been more roller coaster like than any other year.
9- I finally got to live with the coolest people ever. my dear cousins!
10- I am in one of the best wards that I have ever been in, and have made some amazing friends.
11- Oh, and I have a trophy above my fireplace that I received because we got second place in my bowling league. It even has my name on it; it's pretty legit ;)

So, now it is January 2011 and I am happy to report that my life is pretty average these days. It of course is wonderful but thankfully uneventful. Eventful doesn't always mean enjoyable.
OH! I also quit my job at Sears. *Insert happy dance here*- and considering I can't dance it's more of just wiggle in my chair :) but no really. I have liked working at Sears but I don't know what it is I have really just hit my point that I can't handle it anymore. It's also not giving me the hours I need to even make it close to making it above water.

So, it's January and life is simply good.


Nikki said...

11- You lived with your favorite cousins!!

Carillisa said...

You quit Sears?! Cool. It has been an eventful past year! Here's hoping 2011 brings more events...:) Enjoying the ride?

DeAnna said...

Stellar, I hope 2011 has BIG celebratory events of a grand magnitude. =)

Amy Elise Broadhead said...

You forgot to mention that your best friend in the world left on a mission!!!!

Loraine said...

That's quite a list! One I've never done - - particularly Africa. As predicted, this has been a good year for you. Glad you got it written down and documented.