Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Musical Memories

Growing up in woodland Hills made it a bit difficult to roller blade because of the lack of side walks and the hills (hence the woodland HILLS). This wasn't necessarily a negative thing. My siblings and I just needed to be more creative when it came to the activities we wanted to do. To make roller blading possible we would first clear the three car garage, and sweep all the screws and other potentially hazardous particles to the sides.
Once the garage was cleared we would get the big tape player, and skate till we were too exhausted to skate anymore. We listened to the same two songs over and over again. The theme song from top gun, and Danger Zone. Anytime I hear one of those songs I can't help but smile and think of the cold garage and skating in the never ending circles.
(this paragraph is from a paper I wrote for my english class)
Ever since before I can remember the song "The dance," by Garth Brooks has been a large part of my life. I would sit cradled in a ball on the floor and just watch my dads fingers flow from sting to string. This didn't happen very often because my dad would always declare that he couldn't sing and one of the boys should play instead. Even with that declaration I always loved the sound of my dads voice and the guitar.
Ray Lynch (celestial soda pop) , and Enya will forever remind me of mom sewing and family vacations. We listened to that music over and over again in the car on our way to Missouri. I was too little to remember much about the trip but I still love the music.- Mom would also listen to it as she would sew.
I don't really know how this song really goes but as I was thinking of songs from my childhood this song kept coming to mind. "Too high you can't go over it. Too low you can't go under it. To wide you can't go around. Oh bless my soul. Bless my soul in...somthin somthin abraham."
"Love is spoken here" Is still one of my favorite primary songs because I would always sing it with Kenny growing up. Usually when we were home alone.
If Kenny was in a nice mood we would sing that song. If he was in a "funny, scare Alishia half to death mood" he would first stare out the window all creepy like, and then start pounding on the low keys of the piano. For some reason that would scare me half to death.
Other things I remember: Meet Joe Black soundtrack, Billy Joel, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Andrea Bocelli, Ace of Base, Beastie Boys, Smashmouth, Dido, and well a lot more but these are the big ones.
More songs became a big part of my life as I hit middle school and on, but from when I was a kid these are the main things.